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Our B2B Marketplace will provide fraud protection to the customers and suppliers from non payment of products or non delivery of products.

Solution for this problem is we will get the buyers money in our account and ensure that the products are delivered to the customers. Once shipping documents are received by us and once the product reaches the destination we will co-ordinate with buyers and sellers and we will make the payment to sellers.We will act as a mediator between sellers and buyers in local and international market.We will have the copy of BL from sellers and ensure that the payment value is received in our account.Once the consignment is received by the customer we will transfer the money in Seller’s account. This will reduce the probability of fraud or non payment.Diagram 2. Depicts the payments , our B2B websites will work closely with banks to ensure payments for sellers or exporters.

We have a real case study to support this. In B2C space we will be selling unique products which will set us apart from larger competitors.


Non payment or partial payment of money is a big risk in export market our B2B marketplaces will prevent the non payment risks.We will ensure that products are delivered to the customer once payments are received in our account and then transfer the money to sellers account by charging a small service charge of 4% for order below INR 1000000/- and for orders which are over INR 1000000/- we will be charging 3%.